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Cardiac Safety Panel

Reaction Biology now offers a cardiac safety panel comprised of functional hERG, Nav1.5 and Cav1.2 e-phys assays. RBC’s cardiac ion channel panel can help minimize unnecessary triage of promising compounds. More thorough testing of new chemical entities may help to prevent the high rate of attrition of compounds that has resulted due to hERG testing alone.

hERG is a critical target in cardiac safety studies of new drugs. Drug-induced inhibition of hERG can lead to a rare and potentially fatal cardiac tachyarrhythmia. However, sole reliance on hERG testing can result in your most promising compounds being unnecessarily eliminated during the discovery phase of new drug development.

Evidence indicates that the effects of hERG inhibition can be balanced by the simultaneous inhibition of two other key ion channels. More thorough profiling may show that, in addition to hERG activity, promising compounds also inhibit inward cardiac sodium and/or calcium currents via inhibition of the sodium channel Nav1.5, and/or inhibition of the calcium channel, Cav1.2.

If your compounds exhibit concomitant inhibition of Nav1.5 and/or Cav1.2, this can mitigate the potential of hERG inhibition to induce cardiac arrhythmia. We strongly recommend the profiling of compounds in early drug discovery, not only in functional hERG e-phys assays, but also in functional Nav1.5 and Cav1.2 e-phys assays.

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