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Reaction Biology offers methyltransferase assay services for:
-Larger scale HTS
-Large scale single dose, duplicate profiling
-IC50 profiling — 10 dose with curve fitting
-Ki Determination
-Custom Assay development
Gold Standard Radiolabeled Data.
The only Gold Standard radioisotope based methyltransferase assay service available for both profiling and low cost HTS.

Substrate Variation.
The only methyltransferase assay technology that can use nucleosome, histone protein and peptide as substrates.

Stringent Control System.
One Standard Control Compound is included for free in every methyltransferase assay and is included in your report.

High Activity Proteins.
Uses RBC's exclusive recombinant HMT Proteins. Validated for purity and activity in drug discovery applications.
Epigenetic modifications play a crucial role in human diseases. Unlike genetic mutations, they do not change the underlying DNA sequences. Epigenetic phenomena have gained increased attention in the field of cancer research, with many studies indicating that they are significantly involved in tumor establishment and progression. Histone methyltransferases (HMTs) are a large group of enzymes that specifically methylate protein lysine and arginine residues, especially in histones, using S-adenosyl-t-methionine (SAM) as the methyl donor. However, in general, HMTs have no widely accepted high-throughput screening (HTS) assay format, and reference inhibitors are not available for many of the enzymes. In this study, we describe the application of a miniaturized, radioisotope-based reaction system: the HotSpot platform for methyltransferases. Since this platform employs tritiated SAM as a cofactor, it can be applied to the assay of any HMT. The key advantage of this format is that any substrate can be used, including peptides, proteins, or even nucleosomes, without the need for labeling or any other modifications.


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