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High Throughput Screening

Reaction Biology offers a large variety of biochemical and biophysical assays for high throughput screening & library profiling. Our HTS offering currently includes the largest kinase panel and the largest epigenetic panel available for high throughput screening and profiling, as well as 1000 other targets. We also have multiple compound libraries available (~4000 fragments and ~98,000 small molecules) for primary biochemical and biophysical HTS. Contact us today to discuss your project!

Reaction Biology has the following compound libraries available for HTS. We can also use other compound libraries provided by the client or additional companies.

Drug Like Diversified Small Molecule Libraries: >110,000 Compounds

  • Purity - >90%
  • General Molecular Weight 200 - 500
  • CLogP < 5
  • H donors 0-5
  • H acceptors 0-10
  • Rotatable bonds 0-10
  • Caco-2 >= 100 nm/sec
  • LogS -6 to .5

Focused small libraries
  • Natural Products: 600 Compounds
  • Kinase Inhibitors: 355 Compounds
  • FDA-approved: 1,812 Compounds
  • Epigenetic Inhibitor: 120 Compounds
  • Clinical Collection: 727 Compound

  • Fragment Libraries: ~5,800 Fragments
  • Standard Diversified Fragment Library: ~3,400 compounds
  • Fsp3 (Fsp3 = ratio of sp3 hybridized carbons vs total carbon count) enriched Fragment Library: 250 compounds
  • 3D Fragment Library: 200 compounds
  • Covalent Fragment Library: 1,900 compounds

  • For More information on the compound libraries we have available, please send us an email.

    We offer the following enzymes for High Throughput Screening:

    With the largest functional kinase activity assay panel in the industry, RBC provides kinase, epigenetic, and other profiling services to over 750 companies worldwide. RBC specializes in custom assay conditions, high quality reproducible data, and outstanding service.

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