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Reader Domain Proteins

MST Assays (Microscale Thermophoresis)

MST assays measure the interactions directly in solution without the need of immobilization to a surface (immobilization-free technology). MST uses a small amount of samples and allows for quick assay development and affinity determination (KD) of interactions. It can be used to detect binding between any kind of biomolecules including proteins, DNA, RNA, peptides, small molecules, fragments and ions, with quick measurement times and low sample consumption. The detection range of MST on Binding affinity is between pM to mM range.

Instrument Used:

  • Monolith NT.115 pico (NanoTemper)

Below is an example of testing binding affinity of RVX-208 to the BD1 and BD2 domain of the BRD4 protein by using MST and SPR. The results demonstrate a good correlation of the binding affinity determined by both methods.

MST: RVX-208 binding to BRD4-1 vs BRD4-2

SPR: RVX-208 binding to BRD4-1 vs BRD4-2

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ITC Assays

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