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Methyltransferase Assays

Reaction Biology's HMT panel includes over 30 methyltransferase assays for screening and profiling, which makes it the largest methyltransferase panel in the industry. All methyltransferase assays are radioisotope based using 3H AdoMet. HMT HotSpot is the only Gold Standard radioisotope based HMT assay service available for both profiling and low cost HTS. It is also the only methyltransferase technology that can use nucleosome, histone protein and peptide as substrates.

All methyltransferase proteins and substrates are produced in house and are also available for purchase.

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Methyltransferase Screening

Services Available for Methyltransferase Assays:

  • Large scale high throughput screening assays
  • Large scale single dose, duplicate profiling services
  • IC50 profiling services — 5 or 10 dose with curve fitting
  • Assay development
  • Research collaboration

View our methyltransferase assay target list below or
view all of the methyltransferases that we have available for purchase:

Methyltransferase assays
Methyltransferase assays

With the largest functional kinase activity assay panel in the industry, RBC provides kinase, epigenetic, and other profiling services to over 750 companies worldwide. RBC specializes in custom assay conditions, high quality reproducible data, and outstanding service.

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