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Scientific Expertise

Reaction Biology offers a broad range of expertise that covers the full spectrum of early drug discovery activities. If you have any questions regarding the following portfolio that we are offering, please send us the question, our scientists will be happy to provide an answer within 24 hours.

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Biochemistry & Enzymology

  • -Assay Formats: Radioisotope based (3H, 33P, 32P); Fluorescence, Luminescence, Absorbance, FP, FRET, AlphaScreen, AlphaLisa
  • -Enzyme/Protein/Peptide
  • -High Throughput Profiling
  • -High Throughput Screening
  • -Mechanism of Action: Substrate competitive study, Ki determination, Reversibility study, Time-dependent study, etc.
  • -Monthly Full Panel Screening or "create your own panel" screening at any time
  • -More than 1000 different targets
  • -On/Off Target Profiling
  • -Steady State Kinetics


  • -SPR (Biacore 8K)
  • -Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (iTC)
  • -Thermal Shift Assay (TSA)
  • -BromoMELT AssayKit
  • -Radioligand Binding Assay
  • -High Throughput Fragment Library Screening
  • -Small molecular characterization: affinity, kinetics, competition analysis, binding selectivity and more
  • -Antibody Characterization: off-rate screen, epitope mapping, kinetic profiling and more

Cell Biology

  • -3D Cell Culture
  • -Cellular Assay Development & Screening
  • -Invasion Assay
  • -Kinase Cell Assays
  • -Multiple Analysis Formats: Western Blot, ELISA, FACS, MSD, NanoBRET, AlphaLISA
  • -Multiple Cell Apoptosis Detections: Caspase-3/7 Activation, ROS
  • -Multiple Cell Proliferation Detections: BrdU, Cell Titer-Glo, cyQuant, MTT, MTS, ATPlite, WST-8
  • -Multiple Post Translational Detection: Phosphorylation; Methylation; Acetylation
  • -Over 100 Cancer Cell Lines

Protein Production

  • -Cloning and mutagenesis
  • -Protein expression in E. coli and insect cells
  • -Co-expression/purification of complexes
  • -Protein purification: affinity, size exclusion, ion exchange, reverse phase
  • -Follow up QC and Assay development
  • -Custom protein modifications (ex biotinylation, fluorescent labels)
  • -Recombinant Nucleosome production/modifications

Custom Assay Development

  • -96, 384 and 1536-well enabled
  • -Compounds handling and Plate reformatting.
  • -Data analysis – hit validation, IC50, Ki, Kd, Km, Kcat determinations, hit characterization, detailed mechanistic analysis
  • -Flexible screening formats: biochemical, biophysical & cellular assays
  • -HTS friendly
  • -Liquid handling options and versatile plate readers
  • -Radioisotope, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Absorbance
  • -Specialty screens – customized formatting high-throughput “fit for purpose”

Chemistry & Computational Biology

  • -Analog-SAR library design
  • -Analytical chemistry (collaborating)
  • -Compound synthesis (collaborating)
  • -Macromolecular Modeling & Ligand Docking
  • -Medicinal chemistry (collaborating)
  • -Structure based drug design
  • -Synthetic route analysis
  • -Lead optimization (potency, DMPK, and toxicity) (include obtaining compounds for IND-enabling studies)
  • -Fragment based drug design
  • -Homology Model Building
  • -HTS Data Analysis (Clustering, R-Group Decomposition, Hit Triage)

Receptor Pharmacology

  • -G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR)
  • -Radioligand binding assay (filtration and SPA)
  • -Rapidly & efficiently assay development
  • -Flexibility to perform your assays
  • -Adaptation & optimization of your assays
  • -Ligand saturation binding and competitive binding for compounds
  • -Allosteric GPCR radioligand based binding assay development
  • -Kinetics and quantitative pharmacology
  • -Nuclear receptor reporter gene assay in cells
  • -AR, ER, GR, FXR, PXR, PGR, PPAR, ect.

Immunology & Immuno-Oncology

  • -Flow cytometry (Guava easyCyte Systems)
  • -Th1, Th2, Th17, T regulatory cell assays
  • -Natural Killer (NK) cell assays
  • -B cell functional assays
  • -Immune cell killing assays: CDC, ADCC, CTL assays
  • -Cytokine release assays
  • -Macophage/neutrophil phagocytosis assays
  • -Immune cell proliferation assays
  • -Immunoassays

R&D Consulting

  • -Early drug Discovery Project Evaluation
  • -Proteomic and Genomic Biology: Protein Array, DNA Array
  • -Strategy development: Target Production to Assay Development; Hit Identification, Hit-to-Lead, Lead optimization
  • -Target Identification
  • -Testing funnel development

In Vitro Tox

  • -Cell toxicity
  • -CYP inhibition
  • -hERG binding assay

With the largest functional kinase activity assay panel in the industry, RBC provides kinase, epigenetic, and other profiling services to over 750 companies worldwide. RBC specializes in custom assay conditions, high quality reproducible data, and outstanding service.

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