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Sodium Ion Channel Assays

Reaction Biology now offers the voltage-gated sodium channel, Nav1.5, as part of our Cardiac Safety Panel. This assay is...

  • Compound profiling against the voltage gated sodium channel Nav1.5 to evaluate potential cardiac liability
  • Automated Patch Clamp with QPatch HTX and QPatch 16
  • Positive control and vehicle control in every assay
  • Single concentration profiling and full concentration response curves (6 pt. curves; n=3 cells).

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Figure 1 A/B. Example of Nav1.5 activation currents (A) and Current/Voltage (I/V) relationship (B). Currents were elicited by stepping the voltage from a holding potential -100 mV to + 80 mV in 10 mV steps

Figure 2. (A) Example of inhibition of Nav1.5 currents by the reference compound tetracaine. Peak Nav1.5 currents were elicited by a step change in membrane potential from -100 mV to -30 mV. (B) Resulting time/current plots from QPatch HTX. Currents were normalized to the negative control peak current and plotted as % inhibition (C, below).

Figure 3 A/B. Elicitation of Nav1.5 ‘late’ current (I Na,late) using the recommended CIPA voltage protocol in conjunction with the channel opener veratridine. In B, current traces are expanded to illustrate the veratridine-induced increases in both peak currents and late currents.

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