Reaction Biology Europe has provided their services for several projects with us, including establishing an orthotopic tumor model and PK/PD studies. I was very impressed, not only by their level of expertise and professionalism, but also by their enthusiasm and drive to deliver. The insightful advice they provide has been instrumental to our successes and their collegial and “can do” attitude make them a pleasure to team up with!

Prof Matthias Klugmann - Boehringer Ingelheim

I have worked with Reaction Biology Europe and Reaction Biology Corp. for more than 5 years on several interesting projects. These have ranged from routine enzyme screening to more complex kinome-scan and in-cell target engagement work. The results of these endeavours have led to series of top tier publications. This coupled with exceptional customer service means I have no hesitation to recommend Reaction Biology Corp. and Reaction Biology Europe as research partners.

Dr Christopher Asquith - Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Reaction Biology Europe have provided their service for numerous projects with us, especially on multiple kinase assays (under the name ProQinase) which have guided our way through drug development. I was very impressed not only by their level of expertise and professionalism, but also by their enthusiasm and drive to deliver without delay. The insightful advice they provide has been instrumental to our successes, and the reproducibility, quality and reporting of the results
has been outstanding throughout the many years we have been working together.

Laurent Meijer, Chair & CSO, Perha Pharmaceuticals & ManRos Therapeutics

I am very happy with the dedication of the professional services provided by Reaction Biology. You guys are awesome!

Reaction Biology feels like a family company to me but is a big company in a good way. I feel like a person, a client, and am treated 1st class. However, I get results that are of the highest professional standard.

It is always a pleasure to work with all of you! Your service has always been very reliable (and affordable!) in the past years. It is amazing to see how Reaction Biology grows bigger and stronger over the years!

The study worked very well, we are extremely happy with the results and we will definitively use this model again.

Project manager, biotechnology company

Who we are.

Our clients are seeking answers in their quest to discover effective treatments for patients. Finding these answers is our mission. Our method is to accelerate the drug discovery process with the widest possible range of assays and services but also to maintain an integrated view of the journey to a lead drug candidate. We strive to provide excellent data, delivered in a timely, collaborative manner by outstanding scientists. Who are we? We’re your partner.
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COVID-19 /SARS-CoV2 update

Dear customers,

all Reaction Biology research facilities are fully operational under safe work environment guidelines. Our sales staff and business development team are happy to discuss any project with you. Please reach out!

Cooperation with 4HF Biotec to provide new Bioinformatic Cell Service

In cooperation with the bioinformatics firm 4HF Biotec, we announce the offering of a combination of the ProLiFiler cell panel screening service with 4HF‘s bioinformatic evaluation of the drug‘s profile.

ProQinase is now Reaction Biology Europe

ProQinase rebranding into Reaction Biology Europe GmbH was performed completing the process of acquiring ProQinase. As this only represents a change of name, all contracts with former ProQinase remain valid and binding. All ProQinase products and services are continued and available within the Reaction Biology portfolio.