SP140 Bromodomain Assay Service (ThermoShift)

SP140-GST Reader Domain Assay for compound screening and profiling using the thermoshift assay format to measure compound binding to the target.

Target Overview




Human SP140 bromodomain, GST-tagged


Lymphoid-restricted homolog of Sp100; Nuclear autoantigen Sp-140; Speckled 140 kDa

Assay Properties


Thermal stability change after ligand binding

Concentration of protein in assay

0.1 mg/ml (2.1 µM)

Concentration of compound in assay

25 µM

Apo form Tm (°C)


Reference Compound ΔTms:

No stabilization was observed in the presence of control compounds (JQ1, PFI1, CBP112, Bromosporine, SGC-CBP30, BET151, RVX-208, GSK2801 and PFI3)

Scientific Information

Q13342 (http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q13342)

Screening Location

Malvern, USA

Further information

More information can be found on our website Reader Domain Assay Services

Melt Curve

Melt Curve

Melt Peak

Melt Peak