SubQperior Panel Screen

We perform in vivo panel screenings with subQperiorTM tumor models for efficacy testing of new IO drugs on a regular basis.

Screening new test substances on a panel of syngenic tumor models is useful for fast and economic efficacy testing of immune-modulating drugs, either as a single treatment or in combination with immune-checkpoint inhibitors. We offer 8 of our routine models of which clients can choose 6 models for screening, including CT26wt, CloneM3, 4T1, EMT6, MC38-CEA, B16-F10, RENCA, and LL-2. Vehicle and anti-PD1 treatment arms will be provided free of charge.

  • You pay for one group and receive results from three groups
  • An in-depth mode of action analysis via flow cytometry is possible
  • Choose 6 out of 8 syngeneic tumor models
MuScreen for in vivo screen to evaluate immune modulating agents