Custom Antibody Services

Reaction Biology offers custom polyclonal antibody development via our wholly owned subsidiary PSL.

We help you with your peptide selection and synthesis, immunization strategy through to purification.  Our team is also specialized in developing phospo-specific and other protein modification specific antibodies. 

A quick overview of our development process:

Protein analysis and peptide sequences
We can analyze your protein sequence and identify a selection of suitable peptide target sequences for immunization.

Synthesis and conjugation
We’ll synthesize the peptides with the desired target sequences and couple them to an antigenic carrier and an orthogonal carrier for detection.

We will immunize one to four peptides in rabbits, guinea pigs or other species based on your request. Immunization is performed in collaboration with our partner.

Affinity purification
At the completion of the project we will perform peptide purification of the sera and deliver the purified antibody to you.


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