Kinase Drug Discovery Services

Reaction Biology offers the largest portfolio of kinase assays in the industry. We are dedicated to provide end-to-end service for kinase drug discovery covering all steps of the preclinical drug discovery process.

Biochemical kinase assays are used to measure the effects of compounds on kinase activity for IC50 value determination or high-throughput screening.

The improvement of the selectivity of a compound by screening a large part of the kinome is of pivotal importance in the discovery process of novel kinase inhibitors.

The NanoBRET Intracellular Kinase Assay measures the binding of a compound to the target kinase in intact cells.

The Cellular Phosphorylation Assay is a kinase activity assay performed in intact cells. The assays have been designed to address compound activity in a physiological environment on a physiological substrate. 

The Kinase SubstrateFinder is a biochemical kinase assay that can be used for the identification of suitable substrates for a specific kinase of interest for example for assay development or pathway identification.

The KinaseFinder is a biochemical assay intended to identify kinases, which accept a given substrate for phosphorylation. 

Custom-tailored kinase screening and mechanism of action studies can be performed with either our portfolio of assays or with a kinase or substrate provided by the customer.

Genetically engineered tumor models are well suited for the investigation of a single driver of tumor growth such as an overexpressed or constitutively expressed kinase.