20s Proteasome Assay Service

20s proteasome assay for compound screening and profiling via fluorescence-based quantification of enzyme activity.

Target Overview


20S Proteasome – Chymotrypsin like


Human 20S proteasome purified from human erythrocytes


Fluorogenic peptide [Suc-LLVY -AMC], 10 µM
and Activator PA28

Assay Properties


Enzymatic activity

Reference Compound IC50s
Compounds IC50 (nM)
Ixazomib (MLN2238) 10.4
Carfilzomib (PR-171) 2.7
Oprozomib (ONX 0912) 450
PI-1840 92


Screening Location

Malvern, PA, USA

Further information

More information can be found on our website Ubiquitin-Proteasome Pathway Assay Services.

Reference Compound IC50 for 20S Proteasome

20S proteasome reference compounds