CDK16+Cyclin Y NanoBRET Kinase Assay

CDK16+Cyclin Y NanoBRET Target Engagement Intracellular Kinase Assay for screening of compounds binding to the target.
Target Overview


CDK16+Cyclin Y

HGNC Symbol

CDK16/CCNY complex



Cell Line

HEK293 human epithelial cell line from ATCC

Assay Properties

Assay Format

384-well plate format using Promega’s NanoBRET TE Intracellular Kinase Assay

Assay Protocol

HEK293 cells transiently co-expressing NanoLuc- CDK16 Fusion Vector and Cyclin Y Vector were seeded into the wells of 384-well plates. The cells were pretreated with the NanoBRET Tracer K-10 and then treated with reference compound APY-69 for 1 hour. The BRET signal was measured on an Envision 2104 Multilabel Reader. IC50 value was calculated and IC50 curve was plotted using the GraphPad Prism 4 program based on a sigmoidal dose response equation.


Binding of compound to target kinase

Reference Compound IC50s
Compounds IC50 (M)
APY-69 1.352e-009

Screening Location

Malvern, USA

Reference compound IC50 for CDK16+Cyclin Y