CREBBP NanoBRET Bromodomain Histone Interaction

Target Overview


CREBBP/Histone 3.3

HGNC Symbol



CREBBP: CBP, CBP-BD, CREB binding protein, RSTS, RTS, CBP, KAT3A
Histone H3.3: H3F3, H3F3A, H3.3A

Cell Line

HEK293 human epithelial cell line from ATCC

Assay Properties

Assay Format

NanoBRET Bromodomain Histone Interaction

Assay Protocol

HEK293 cells were transfected with Histone H3.3-HaloTag Fusion Vector DNA plus CREBBP-BD-NanoLuc vector. The transfected cells were pre-treated with NanoBRETTM 618 Ligand and then treated with reference compound SGC-CBP-30 (starting at 10 uM, 10-dose with 3-fold dilution) for 22 hours. The BRET signal was measured on an Envision 2104 Multilabel Reader. IC50 value was calculated and IC50 curve was plotted using the GraphPad Prism program based on a sigmoidal dose response equation.


384-well plate format using Promega’s NanoBRET Assay

Reference Compound IC50s
Compounds IC50 (µM)
SGC-CBP-30 2.268


Screening Location

Malvern, USA

Reference compound IC50 for CBP-BD