Cell-based Epigenetic Assays

Cell-based assays are valuable to probe new drug candidates in the environment of intact cells with physiologic concentrations of substrates, co-factors and pH.

Reaction Biology offers three options for cellular epigenetic inhibitor testing:

1. Testing of the enzymatic activity of targets via quantification of methylation or acetylation of substrates.

2. Binding of a compound to the target protein by the NanoBRET Target Engagement Intracellular HDAC Assay and the NanoBRET Target Engagement Intracellular BET BRD Assay. Both assay formats are based on Promega's NanoBRET technology.

3. Testing the protein-protein interaction of bromodomains with acetylated histones in intact cells based on the NanoBRET Bromodomain/Histone Interaction Assay.

Custom Cellular Epigenetic Assays

Readout Assay format
Histone & Tubulin Deacetylation
Histone Deacetylation (Class IIa)
Histone Methylation
Histone Phosphorylation
Histone Deacetylation (Class I/II)