Cellular HDAC-Glo Class IIa Assay

Cell-based epigenetic assay for the detection of the relative activity of histone deacetylase (HDAC) class IIa enzymes from cells

Target Overview

Cell Line

THP-1 human acute monocytic leukemia cell line from ATCC

Assay Properties

Assay Format


Assay Protocol

THP-1cells were seeded into the wells of 384-well plate. The cells were treated with reference compound TMP269 (starting at 100 µM, 10-dose with 3-fold dilution) for 1 hour. HDAC Class IIa activity was measured with HDAC-Glo Class IIa Assay on an Envision 2104 Multilabel Reader. IC50 value was calculated and IC50 curve was plotted using the GraphPad Prism program based on a sigmoidal dose-response equation.


Measurement for deacetylation of the peptide substrate via luminescence

Reference Compound IC50s
Compound IC50 (µM)
TMP269 0.8095


Screening location

Malvern, PA, USA

IC50 of THP-1 in cell-based HDAC-glo Class IIa assay