cGAS (AA 157-522) SPR Assay Service

Nucleotidyltransferase cGAS (AA 157-522) assay with surface plasmon resonance (SPR) format

Target Overview

Human cGAS fragment (AA 157-522)

HGNC symbol

CGAS (AA 157-522)


Cyclic GMP-AMP synthase, cGAMP synthase

Assay Properties
Scientific information

Binding kinetics and steady state affinity of PF-06928215 to cGAS (aa157-522)

cGAS SPR kinetics
cGAS SPR steady state


The data was collected on a Biacore 8K using multi-cycle kinetics. cGAS (AA 157-522) was immobilized to the sensor chip and the binding of PF-06928215 was measured. The binding data was analyzed using both a 1:1 kinetic binding model and a steady state affinity model.