Biomarker Discovery

Reaction Biology offers a suite of assays to support biomarker discovery to identify genomic and proteomic signatures that correlate with drug treatment. Finding biomarkers early in the discovery process is crucial for (i) choosing suitable tumor models, (ii) measuring the action of the drug on the target, (iii) making clinical development more successful by stratifying for the right patient cohorts.

Biomarker Discovery and Screening Methods:

Soluble Proteins or Metabolites Cellular Proteins Genomic Markers

ELISA ... Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
MSD...... Multiplex Immunoassays via Meso Scale Discovery
IHC........ Immunohistochemistry

Discover predictive biomarkers for the response of your drug on tumor cells. Find mutations, gene expression patterns, or changes in somatic gene copy numbers that are prevalent in resistant or sensitive tumor cell lines. 

Quantify gene expression via Real-Time PCR of targets, PD markers, or predictive biomarkers in cells or animal tissues to support your drug discovery project.

Identify immune cell populations in tumor samples or characterize a protein of your interest in a cell or tissue sample via our diverse flow cytometry options performed on state-of-the-art flow cytometers and cell sorters. 

Find out how your drug candidate modulates the immune system based on the gold-standard Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) platform via multiplexed detection of several dozen immune markers simultaneously. 

Locate the tumor-infiltrating immune cells of your interest via IHC, or view our tumor tissue microarray comprising cores of our suite of syngeneic models to find the most suitable model for your IO efficacy study. 

Detect the protein or post-translational modification of your interest via ELISA or Western Blot in cells, tissue, or liquid samples. We custom-tailor our assay setup to meet your specific needs.