Stable Cell Line Generation Service

The generation of cell lines stably expressing foreign proteins can serve many purposes such as labeling cells to visualize their location or insertion of a gene of interest.

Labeling of cell lines is necessary for live tracking of tumor cells in vivo or to perform proliferation studies via luciferase quantification. Based on extensive hands-on experience in genetic engineering of cells, Reaction Biology uses two approaches for genetic modifications of cell lines:

  • Standard transfection methods such as lipofection/nucleofection or Ca2PO4-transfection
  • Knock-out or knock-in of genes of interest via shRNA transfection
  • Lentiviral transduction that allows for highly efficient genetic manipulation, not only of cell lines but also of primary cells and non-dividing cells

procedure to stably transfect cell lines for expression of genes


  • 2 million cells of newly generated cell lines (depending on licensing)
  • Data sheet including data of expression analysis