Target-specific Assays
Target-specific Assays

Overview of Target-Specific Assay Services

Reaction Biology offers compound screening assays for more than 1000 targets to support the discovery of new drugs. Most of our assays are high-throughput compatible and can be customized to your specific requirements.

Reaction Biology offers the largest portfolio of kinase assays in the industry. We are dedicated to provide end-to-end service for kinase drug discovery covering all steps of the preclinical drug discovery process.

Epigenetic enzymes control the mechanics of genetic expression, acting as “on” and “off” switches for the human genome. Malfunctions of these enzymes are implicated in many immunological and neurodegenerative conditions as well as cancer. We are dedicated to providing end-to-end service for epigenetic drug discovery covering all steps of the preclinical drug discovery process.

A suite of assay formats is available for drug discovery targeting the KRAS pathway. Biochemical and biophysical methods allow the investigation of different KRAS regulators.

The approach of Targeted Protein Degradation does not just inhibit a target, it erases the target. Reaction Biology offers a suite of assays to support the creation of new drugs targeting proteins for their degradation in tumor cells.

Compound screening against Poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) enzymes is performed with gold standard radiometric activity assays.

The activity of phosphatases is quantified with a fluorescence-based approach for anti-phosphatase compound profiling.

Our large panel of protease assays allows targeted drug discovery of protease inhibitors as well as selectivity screening with our protease panel. All assays are fluorescence-based and quantify protease activity.

Reaction Biology offers assays for the investigation of test molecules targeting the apoptosis pathway. The assay technology measures the binding of the apoptotic protein such as BCL2 to a substrate peptide such as BAK.

Metabolic Pathway Assays

To support the discovery of new drugs against phosphodiesterase enzymes Reaction Biology offers activity assays for compound screening.

Assays for compound screening to inhibit the proteasome and deubiquitinases are offered by Reaction Biology with fluorescent-based activity assays.

Reaction Biology offers cell-based testing for the discovery of drugs targeting ion channels.

Reaction Biology offers services to progress drug discovery research in the area of GPCR biology and pharmacology.

Reaction Biology offers a suite of cell-based assays to support the discovery of new drugs to modulate nuclear receptors.

Additional Targets

Reaction Biology can assist you with the production of proteins and assays for a variety of target classes such as kinases, epigenetics, PARPs, DUB, HSP, protease, phosphatase, and many more.