Assay Platforms for Cell-Based Assays

Reaction Biology offers a variety of readout options for cell-based oncology assays to gain an additional layer of information and allow assay setups tailored to our customer's specific research needs.

IncuCyteTM S3 Live Cell Analysis Systems allows real-time readout of a variety of cellular markers.

Flow cytometry with Guava EasyCyteTM allows in-depth analysis of multiple intracellular and extracellular markers. In addition, we have access to a flow cytometry core facility with a variety of cutting-edge flow cytometry and cell sorting instruments for performing multiplex assays with up to 20 channels. We are also offering the detection of immune cell populations with our All-In-One 17 Marker Flow Panel.

MSD (MESO QuickPlex SQ120) is suitable for high-performance, multiplexed biomarker and cytokine assays.

GelCountTM for colony and spheroid counting and analysis.

Envision Multilabel Plate Reader for high-throughput ultrasensitive luminescence, absorbance, and fluorescence readouts.

OdysseyTM CLx infrared imaging system for quantification of Western blots.