Reaction Biology Platform
The Reaction Biology Platform

The Reaction Biology Platform

The Reaction Biology Platform offers a broad portfolio of services and a global network of partners that enable us to provide end-to-end service for the discovery of new small molecule and large molecule therapeutics.  Across all of our services, we consistently deliver high quality data, innovative solutions for custom-tailored projects, collaboration with scientists, and the flexibility you need to take your drug discovery program from target research to preclinical candidate and beyond.

Biomarker Identification and Screening In Vivo Oncology Cell-based Oncology Cardiac Safety Assessment ADME-Tox Mode of Action Analysis Biophysical Analysis Medicinal Chemistry Integration Compound Screening Cascade Primary Screening Assay Development Protein Production Target Validation Preclinical Candidate Lead Optimization Hit-to-Lead Hit Identification Target Research

Our Promise

Reaction Biology brings over 20 years of experience supporting the development of new small molecules and large molecule therapies.  Our science-driven approach means your Reaction Biology team includes our top-level scientists for direct communication and innovative research solutions custom-tailored to your project.

We offer a broad portfolio of services that can provide end-to-end solutions for drug discovery, combined with an agile science-focused culture that delivers the same high quality of data for projects of any size.

Why partner with us?

Comprehensive: A broad portfolio of 2000+ assays.

Collaborative: Our clients work directly with our team of top-level scientists. A scientific program manager facilitates the progress of the project, ensures timelines are met, and assists with the communication between teams.

Consistent: Full coverage of drug efficacy testing capabilities, including biochemical, biophysical, cellular, and in vivo models, ensuring data consistency within your program.

Cross-Disciplinary: We work with the best partners providing medicinal chemistry support as well as ADME-Tox and cardiac safety services. All under one single contract.

Client Service: We pride ourselves on responsive customer service – providing continuity with a dedicated senior scientist team.

The Goal

Our goal is the creation of potent drug candidates to meet the needs of tomorrow’s cancer patients. The Reaction Biology Platform integrates various aspects of drug discovery into one program. What makes a successful program?

The ability for informed decision-making by providing potency and functional data allows insight into the mechanism of compound-target interaction.

Finding predictive biomarkers ensures that drug testing is performed in cell and animal models that work and paves the way for patient stratification during the clinical phase.

The safety and bioavailability of new drug candidates are vital for progressing into the regulatory phase. Therefore, our full coverage of cardiac liability assays and partnership with an expert ADME-tox firm ensures the creation of drugs with favorable pharmacologic and toxicologic profiles.

Your Team

  • Your team comprises our top-level scientists, including chemists, biologists, and pharmacologists.
  • One scientific program manager will advance your project through the various discovery phases and manage timelines and expectations.
  • Our scientific leaders are available for direct consultation already in the planning phase of new projects.