Declaration of Consent for the Storage of Applicant Data

I have read the privacy policy of Reaction Biology Corporation (, in particular the information rights and disclosures mentioned therein.

I hereby consent to the storage by Reaction Biology Corporation of my personal data for the purpose of processing my application. If my application is not successful, Reaction Biology Corporation will delete my personal data. In the event I develop an interest in a future job advertisement, I understand and acknowledge that I must submit my documents, including this consent, again.

If I have provided "special categories of personal data" in my letter of application or other documents submitted by me during the application process in accordance with Art. 9 General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR (e.g. a photo showing my ethnic origin, information about disabilities, etc.), my consent also covers these data sets. As Reaction Biology Corporation would like to evaluate all applicants only on the basis of the qualifications, I agree that I will omit such information from the application to the extent possible.

This consent also applies to personal data on my qualifications and activities from generally accessible data sources (in particular professional social networks), which Reaction Biology Corporation has collected as permitted within the framework of the application procedure. My data will not be passed on to third parties.