See our FAQ list below for a quick answer to the most common questions.
Our global team will be happy to talk to you directly about any questions and requests.

How do I order your services or products?

We are happy to produce a quote based on your requirements. Provide a PO number and other payment information including your as VAT number if applicable, and send it to [email protected].

To purchase our recombinant proteins and substrates you can use our online shop for kinase-related and epigenetic-related products .

Where can I find the assay condition forms?

Please see your quotation to find out whether the assay is performed at our US or German research facility.

How do I prepare my compounds for screening?

Compound preparation for US site

Please choose one of the following two options:

Option 1: Reaction Biology’s preference is to receive your compounds as DMSO stock.

For smaller panels (under 50 targets), we require 20 μl of 10 mM DMSO stock. For larger panels, we require 50 μl to 100 μl of 10 mM DMSO stock. Sample concentration requirements may vary based on test conditions. For DMSO stock, shipment and delivery in dry ice are preferred for compound stability.

Option 2: We also accept compounds in powder form. Anywhere from 0.5 mg to 3 mg should be enough for most profiling requests, and can be delivered at room temperature or a temperature of your preference. It is Reaction Biology’s policy not to weigh customer compounds onsite.

The following is required to process your samples:
a) The exact molecular weight of each compound.
b) The exact weight of each compound.
c) The vessel containing the powder should be large enough to re-suspend the powder to 10 mM.
d) For a larger number of compounds delivered in powder form, a processing fee may be applied.
e) If you provide powder stock greater than 5 mg, the compound stock will be aliquoted at Reaction Biology for a service fee.

Additional powder stock will be stored for a period of six months, and the below charges will apply:

Weighing of sample stock (1-10 compounds) US$ 10 per/sample
Weighing of sample stock (11+ compounds) US$ 10 per sample for first 10 compounds, additional samples US$ 5 each
Shipment of remaining powder stock (Domestic) US$ 50 plus shipping charges
Shipment of remaining powder stock (International) US$ 100 plus shipping charges
Compound preparation for German site

The assay condition forms for biochemical assayscell-based assays, or immuno-oncology assays contain detailed information for compound preparation.

Where do I ship my compounds?

Shipping to US site.

Reaction Biology accepts deliveries during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST). No packages will be processed on weekends and certain United States holidays.

International Shipments: Packages shipped from outside of the US will require a TSCA form. The TSCA form should be filled out and placed in the exterior pouch. It is best to include at least 2 copies of the TSCA form with your shipment. This will speed the passage of the parcel through US customs.

The AWB # is the Airway Bill number. It is the number (often called the tracking number) that the shipping company assigns to your package. Placing it on the sheet ensures that it is clear that the TSCA form pertains to your package. Additionally, please fill out the product description section of the TSCA form with a description of the materials you send. A harmonization code for your shipment may be required to pass through customs.

When filling out your shipment documents, please put in your address in the ‘return to’ line so that if the package needs to be returned by the courier, it is sent back to you. Reaction Biology accepts packages from any international delivery company, such as FedEx, World Courier, and DHL International etc. We do not recommend TNT because TNT has a higher rate of delaying package delivery.

Shipping address:
Compound Management
Reaction Biology Corp.
One Great Valley Parkway, Suite 2
Malvern, PA 19355 USA
Phone: 610-722-0247
Fax: 610-722-0246
[email protected]

Shipping to German site.

For shipping to our German site, please download and complete this shipping form.

How do I pay for your services/products?

Payment information is provided on the invoice. To arrange prepayment or pay via credit card, please contact [email protected] and reference the quotation number.

Products ordered in the online shops can be either paid by credit card directly or via cheque/wire transfer when a purchase order is provided.

Are your labs certified?

Reaction Biology Europe GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 comprising the areas of production and sale of recombinant protein products as well as establishment and sale of biochemical, cellular, and in vivo testing services for the development of new drugs targeting cancer.

The ISO 9001 certificate is based on a number of quality management principles to ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services.