Kinase Mapper

Our Kinase Mapper Tool

Reaction Biology’s Kinase Mapper allows you to produce a visual map of kinase activities. Scroll down the list of kinases, and put the activity (in nM) next to each kinase. The relevant color will appear at the appropriate position on the map. The map produced can be printed or exported and scaled to any size. Maps can also be generated directly from within this program with Reaction Biology kinase reports as input.

Instructions on how to use this product can be found here.

The Kinase Mapper Application requires Windows 7 or higher. This software runs natively on Windows on Microsoft Internet Explorer only. Firefox and Chrome web browsers can be made to work through the use of a Firefox add-on or a Chrome helper app.  Note that Reaction Biology supports this product on Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser only, and does not support the use of this product under other browsers including Firefox and Chrome.

If you are looking for older versions of the mapper please contact us.