Heat Shock Protein Assays
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Heat Shock Protein Assays

Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are abundant proteins that usually interact with newly synthesized proteins to support their folding for stabilization and proper function (chaperone function). In cancer cells, HSPs are often overexpressed and implicated in tumor progression and therapy resistance. High HSP levels prevent apoptosis associated with developing malignancies and prevent apoptosis caused by therapy.

Targeting HSPs as a drug combination strategy can enable apoptosis in treated tumor cells to overcome resistance and successful therapy.

  • Compound screening is available for low scale, high scale, and high throughput screening
  • Please inquire for customized screening options and assay development for further HSP targets

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Assay Setup

Setups: Single-dose screening in duplicates or IC50 value determination with 5 or 10 concentrations. Other screening formats are available upon request.

Controls: No inhibitor (DMSO vehicle) control and for every assay, one target-specific control compound is tested in 10-dose IC50 format.

Turnaround time: 10 business days for standard projects. Expedited scheduling and data delivery can be arranged prior to the commencement of the studies.

Report: The raw data, % enzyme activity and control compound IC50 values will be reported in Excel format for single-dose assays. For IC50 orders, raw data, IC50 values, and curve fitting will be delivered in Excel format. Assay conditions, target, and substrate information are available upon request. Requirements for this information should be noted prior to the commencement of the study.

Screening facility: This assay is performed at our screening facility in Malvern, PA, US.

Compound requirements: In brief, for a standard project, 20 µl of a 10 mM DMSO stock or solid material is needed. Less material is needed for large scale screening. Please refer to our FAQs for information regarding compound preparation and shipping.