Protein Production and Assay Development
Target-specific Assays

Protein Production and Assay Development

Reaction Biology can assist you with producing proteins and assays for various target classes such as kinases, epigenetics, PARPs, DUB, HSP, protease, phosphatase, and many more. Our expertise comprises producing proteins and multimeric protein complexes for expression in E. coli and insect cells. Our outstanding assay development teams enable drug testing in custom-tailored biochemical, cellular, biophysical, and electrophysiologic assay formats.

Our services comprise:

  • Small or large scale custom-tailored protein production
  • Assay development and optimization/validation
  • Enzyme testing, substrate testing, and activator/inhibitor testing

Our scientists have created more than 2200 assays over the last 20 years, including the successful completion of challenging projects. Please reach out to the business development manager in your area today to discuss how we can assist your protein production and assay development needs.

  • Protein Production
  • Assay Development
Protein Production
Expression systems
  • Sf9, SFX and Sf21 insect cells
  • E.coli
  • GST
  • HIS
  • Streptavidin
  • Nus
  • Flag
  • Additional tags are available
  • Affinity chromatography
  • Ion exchange
  • Hydrophobic
  • Size exclusion
  • Activation by autophosphorylation
  • Activation by an upstream kinase
  • Removal of tag
  • Co-expression with co-factors
  • Mutations
  • Biotinylation
  • Fluorescent labeling
QC options
  • Bradford quantification
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Enzymatic activity assay


Assay Development

Radiometric detection including:

  • 3H
  • 33P
  • 32P

Fluorescence-based detection methods such as:

  • AlphaLISA
  • AlphaScreen
  • Fluorescence intensity
  • Fluorescence polarization
  • FRET

Luminescence-based assays such as:

  • Bioluminescence, such as ADP-Glo and ATP bioluminescence-based assays
  • Chemiluminescence, such as horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and alkaline phosphatase (AP) based assays

Absorbance and colorimetric based assays

For biophysical detections we offer:


For cell-based detections we offer:

  • NanoBRET technology
  • Calcium mobilization
  • Second messenger detection
  • Enzymatic activity via substrate detection by using ELISA or Western blotting or Glo-based assays
  • TR-FRET-based competitive immunoassay
  • Electrophysiologic readouts via patch clamp technique
  • Gene expression quantification via luciferase reporter assays

Non-human Targets

Reaction Biology offers customized projects on non-human targets that may be necessary for testing the inhibitory activity of compounds on kinases in animal models such as mouse, dog or rat.

Please inquire to receive a list of available assays for screening of non-human targets.