MoA Finder

MoA Finder

In collaboration with the bioinformatics firm 4HF Biotec GmbH, a bioinformatics firm specializing in cancer data mining to discover new anti-cancer drugs, we offer data mining for identification or confirmation of the mode of action of a customer’s compound.

The MoA Finder tool aims to identify the mode of action (MoA) of your test compound based on the results obtained in the ProLiFilerTM cell panel screening. To this end, we compare the sensitivity profile of your drug candidate to more than 900+ drugs for which the MoA is known.

Goals of the MoA Finder Tool:

  • Discerning potential off-targets and side effects.
  • New indications can be found for an established drug.
  • The identification of compounds with similar MoA gives suggestions for target deconvolution in a phenotypic approach.

How it Works

Watch our 5-minute video to understand the value of our ProLiFilerTM – Cell Panel Screen and subsequent bioinformatic analysis service for the identification of biomarkers and the mode of action of your drug candidate.