Cardiac Safety Assessment
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Cardiac Safety Assessment Assay Services

The cardiac safety assessment assays are available for preclinical evaluation of the safety of compounds to identify toxic drugs potentially inducing fatal cardiac tachyarrhythmia.

Ion channels are a diverse class of membrane proteins that play important roles in physiology. Aberrant activities of ion channels induced by the activity of pharmacological agents may be linked to several disease conditions. The inhibition of cardiac ion channels can be linked to the generation of life-threatening arrhythmias. Therefore, it is important to screen compounds against these ion channels to assess potential cardiac liability.

Cardiac Safety Testing Options

Cardiac safety assessment testing options include:

Ion Channel Screening

Ion channel screening at Reaction Biology is performed with cell-based patch clamp, which is a great tool for assessment of cardiac safety of a new drug for early go/no-go decisions in the drug discovery process. We use manual or automated patch clamp techniques with cells that stably express the ion channel of interest for testing a compound’s abilities to modulate the activity of an ion channel thus potentially perturbing normal cardiac function.

Advanced Cardiac Safety Assessment

Via our collaborator PharmaCore Labs (PCL) Co., Ltd we offer ion channel cardiac assessment according to CiPA (Comprehensive in vitro Proarrhythmia Assay) guidelines for standardized procedures necessary for regulatory decision-making to advance drug development programs.

Testing of drug-induced action potential prolongation and changes in the QT interval help evaluate the side effects of new drug candidates to ensure cardiac safety.