Mouse-Derived Isograft Tumor Models (MDI)

Our proprietary mouse-derived isograft tumor models (MDI) allow drug efficacy testing in a setting that recapitulates the original tumor very closely. Tumor tissue was isolated from mice with cancer and the tissue was engrafted for propagation into other mice - also called tumor homograft model.

While cell line-derived syngeneic tumor models are based on the implantation of cultured cell lines, our proprietary mouse-derived isograft (MDI) models are propagated in mice only. Hence, the major advantage of these novel spontaneous-derived or carcinogen-induced MDI tumor models is the preservation of primary tumor phenotype and intratumoral immune cell populations.

  • Derived from spontaneous tumors or carcinogen-induced tumors
  • Allow for the identification of biomarkers
  • Efficacy testing with high predictive value for patient-derived xenograft models

‘Murine PDX‘

Cell line-derived syngeneic tumor models are limited in their availability and phenotypes and barely resemble their original primary tumors due to many passages in cell culture.

Our novel MDI models increase the palette of the available syngeneic models and allow drug testing in tumors resembling primary tumors for higher translatability.

propagation of mouse tumor tissue in mice for generation of tumor models

MDI Models

* efficacy study testing immune checkpoint inhibitor(s)
Model Origin Creation Efficacy* RNAseq Info sheet
JA-2042 sarcoma carcinogen yes yes Data sheet
JA-0009 adenocarc. spontaneous yes yes Data sheet
JA-0017 adenocarc. spontaneous ongoing ongoing Data sheet
JA-2011 sarcoma carcinogen yes yes Data sheet
JA-2019 sarcoma carcinogen yes ongoing Data sheet
JA-2041 sarcoma carcinogen yes ongoing Data sheet

Characteristics of MDI Models

nd = not determined
Model anti-PD1 anti-CTLA-4 Combination therapeutic window relevant immune cells
JA-0009 low low low 2 weeks M2 macrophages
JA-0017 nd nd nd >6 weeks nd
JA-2011 low low nd 2 weeks neutrophils
JA-2019 high high nd 2 weeks MDSCs/Tcells
JA-2041 moderate moderate nd 3 weeks MDSCs/Tcells
JA-2042 moderate moderate high 2 weeks Treg cells